Here is just a sample of some the projects I'm involved with (and would like to add yours in the near future.) So what are we waiting for? Make contact today!

  • Web Design: Freddy Guys Hazelnuts E-Commerce

    Web Design: Freddy Guys Hazelnuts E-Comm

    The current e-commerce store portion of the freddyguys site is using a hosted solution at corecommerce.com. The site also incorporates…

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  • Product Photography: Freddy Guys Hazelnuts

    Product Photography: Freddy Guys Hazelnu

    As well as putting together their website and e-commerce store, I also photographed and edited their entire product line and packaging.…

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  • Graphic Design: DeckLok

    Graphic Design: DeckLok

    To compliment the website and 3D animated installation videos, I put together these product trifolds, tear-off sales and installation sheets…

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  • Web Design: VSI

    Web Design: VSI

    This is an e-commerce web site built on the OpenCart platform. Product imagery was made after designing labels and packaging,…

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  • Product Photography: VSI

    Product Photography: VSI

    Though these are technically not actual product photography shots, you can still have pre-development product visualization images for website, promo,…

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  • Graphics / Promo: VSI

    Graphics / Promo: VSI

    After helping with label and product packaging design and 3D product visualization, trifold brochures, postcards and business cards were designed…

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  • 3D: VSI

    3D: VSI

    I helped design the labels and product packaging. However the client needed to have their website completed before actual labels…

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  • Graphic Design: Screw Products, Inc.

    Graphic Design: Screw Products, Inc.

    As well as taking care of their product and packaging photography, I put together catalogs, sales sheets, trade show banners, PowerPoint…

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  • 3D: Screw Products, Inc.

    3D: Screw Products, Inc.

    Screw Products, Inc. was coming up with 5 SKU based plans for retail stores in 4", 6", 8" 10" and 12"…

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  • Product Photography: Screw Products, Inc

    Product Photography: Screw Products, Inc

    Several hundred individual and group product shots were taken and edited for their website, catalogs, promo materials and more. The…

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